Go Go Federation Hare

The federation have worked together on Gerry our Federation hare.

We wanted to create a hare that every child in the federation could be involved in the painting of. Each year group had a different section and a different theme to paint, including puzzle pieces, stripes, hand prints and stripes.

  • Nursery and Reception did the base and the hand prints
  • Year One did finger prints
  • Year Two did stripes on the front left leg
  • Year Three did swirls on the other leg
  • Year 4 did zig zags
  • Year 5 did the patchwork squares
  • Year 6 did the rear end with puzzle pieces!

The hare is all of the children’s own work and we are so pleased that their art work will be seen by hundreds of people! We will let you know where he ends up so you can go and visit him.

A big thank you to all of the children for their collaborative working on the federation project, and to the staff who supported the children to do this, especially Mrs Hodges and Miss McTavish who organised the project.