Harvest Thanksgiving at Norwich Cathedral

October 2017

The schools team at Norwich Cathedral asked both the Infant and Junior Schools to decorate a Harvest banner for the Harvest Thanksgiving service at the Cathedral on Sunday 8th October.  Children chosen from Years 1-6 worked together on the project and really enjoyed showing off their creative skills to make a colourful picture reflecting our agricultural heritage in Norfolk.

Seven children attended the service on Sunday afternoon with their families, and proudly carried all the banners down the aisle and displayed them for the congregation to see.  The Dean was very pleased with all of the banners from different schools which featured different aspects of the labours of Harvest time.  Mrs Marshall at the Cathedral Schools Department said “the banner you did and all the others were stunning and the Dean has asked me to thank all……..Toftwood saved the day by being there to carry banners! Thank you so much”.

The experience enhanced the children’s RE learning about the Christian Harvest Thanksgiving, and was a wonderful collaborative project between the two schools in the Federation.