Lent Event, 2016

Smiles and Compliments Day!

During the Spring 2 half term the school has taken part in an East Coast Religious Education initiative called “The Lent Event”.  This time we have been thinking about Lent – the time leading up to Easter.  Many people decide to give up something for Lent (usually chocolate!) to show they are making a sacrifice before the Easter celebrations begin.  This year a group of schools have been busy completing some challenges which involve the idea of “giving rather than giving up”.  Each participating school was given two challenges to complete before the end of Lent. We have completed a “Keep on Cleaning” challenge, and a “Smiles and Compliments” challenge.

Gardening Club busy collecting litter for Keep on Cleaning Challenge.


We had a Smiles and Compliments day in March linked to our PATHS work in school.  This involved setting up a compliments box in the hall, and children were given the opportunity to fill in a compliment to send to a friend or member of staff in school.    The compliments post box was soon really full, and compliments were given out and shared on the last day of term.

Our Compliments Box


Giving a friend a compliment!


Go to www.ecre.co.uk The Lent Event to find out a bit more about the challenges and possibly see some photos of some amazing smiles!

A Great Morning Smile!