Music Week 2016

The week beginning 31st October was a very busy week for the whole school! Children from Nursery to Year 2 were all involved in a Music Enrichment Week and spent the week taking part in a variety of musical activities.

Our first visitor of the week was Mr Owen from Neatherd High School and he brought along some Samba instruments for us to play. He taught us how to march in time to the beat and we practised going fast and slow. He taught us the rhythm “fish and chips, sausage and chips” and we had to clap along in time. Some of us were lucky enough to play along to the rhythm with the drums and shakers.

reception-1 reception-2 year-two-6 year-one-4

Some students from Northgate High School came to see us and taught us all about the instruments they played. They told us what they were called and how you play them. The students and their teacher performed two songs to us and we really enjoyed joining in with ‘Let it go’ from Frozen!

Year 2 had a different musical focus each day. After the visit from Mr Owen they had a go at creating their own rhythm to 8 beats with drums and performed them to each other. They watched a variety of videos showing different people drumming and then discussed and compared them. Aaron and Hollie from J.D.T came to see Year 2 and brought along 3 drum kits and music recording equipment to use. On Wednesday we created music videos as a class. Each Year 2 class watched a snippet of a different film which the videos were then based on. A premier was organised for the afternoon! Thursday was very exciting as Ben Langley (a star from Norwich Theatre Royals ‘Jack and a Beanstalk’) came in and held workshops for the Year 2 classes. He told the story of Jack and the Beanstalk and then the children acted out part of the story. They have also created their own STOMP routine using cups and made their own musical instruments in class.

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‘The Beatles’ were the focus for Year 1 and they enjoyed listening to lots of their songs. They learnt the song ‘Octopus’ Garden’ and ‘All you need is love.’ They used the school zebra crossing to recreate the ‘Abbey Road’ album cover. The children coloured the album covers in the style of pop art. They listened to a range of tuned instruments and used this knowledge to design their own and had to explain what the sound would be like. Year 1 linked science with music and learnt how sound is made and how it travels to the ear. They investigated this through experiments. The year 1 classes were lucky to have a percussion workshop with Gary Newland. They had a drum each and practised playing in time with each other and learnt a short rhythm which they had to play together. Thomas said, “It was really fun because we learnt about instruments from different countries.”

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Over the week, Reception listened to lots of different genres of music including classical, blues and country. They learnt the names of many instruments and learnt how to play them properly. Some children even had a go at reading sheet music and playing nursery rhymes on the xylophone. Our special visitor was Lorna from ‘Fledgeling Music’ who took us on a musical story telling adventure. We helped to tell the story of the bumble bee who was swept away from the hive and had to find her way back.

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On Thursday, the Nursery children had a visit from Maria from ‘TinyTalk’ who taught them some animal signs to accompany songs and stories and use with parachute games. They painted in response to music and talked about the paintings they had created. The children learnt the names of instruments and how to play them by playing pass the bag of instruments.

nursery-1 nursery-2 nursery-3

We had a home learning competition to design and create a working musical instrument. We were very impressed with everyone’s efforts and enjoyed looking at all the different instruments including drums, cymbals, trombones, panpipes and shakers. Well done to all of the winners and everybody who took part!