No Smoking near Schools Launch

We worked with Toftwood Junior School and Fred Nicholson School on Thursday 19th January to launch the Breckland campaign for their schools around voluntary non smoking areas around schools.

All 3 schools decided to approach this together to support promoting children’s health and children’s awareness of the dangers of smoking and to address concerns raised by several parents whose children attend the schools. All 3 schools had an assembly to talk about the dangers of smoking, to share information on this and to look at why smoking around schools was not a good idea. They hope that this will promote a better awareness of the dangers of smoking and encourage some parents to reconsider some of their smoking habits and practices.

Each school has signs designed by children in Breckland that are on display around their schools and alongside the public areas on Westfield Road and School Lane to discourage adults for smoking around the area near the schools. These will hopefully act as a visual reminder that smoking around schools is not acceptable in terms of the impact on children’s health and well being.

It has become more of an issue lately with several parents choosing to smoke on the pathways outside the schools when children were coming to and leaving school.

“We have asked parents several times not to smoke around the school as parents have complained that their children are breathing in other people’s cigarette smoke on their way to school. We fully appreciate adults have the right to choose to smoke or not, but all we ask is they wait until they are away from the areas around the schools for the benefit of the children. Sadly, despite all of our requests, some parents and carers still continue to do so. We hope that this assembly and launch may help to get the message across.”

All 3 schools are looking forwards to seeing if the scheme has a positive impact in improving the health of children around the school through not being exposed to cigarette smoke.