Safer Internet Day 2017

The whole school took part in the Internet Safety Day on Tuesday 7th February. Each class used a PowerPoint to discuss how the children use technology at school and at home. Lots of the children said they used YouTube, CBeebies and different apps on tablets.

They then listened to a story about Smartie the penguin who felt sad after finding something online that made him feel uncomfortable. The children were great at giving advice to Smartie and what he needed to do to keep safe when online.

Each year 1 and year 2 class had a quick quiz about online safety and what to remember when using technology online. The PowerPoint is attached for adults to see how you get on with the quiz too!

Please check the Curriculum Newsletters as each half term the online safety tips are added to these as a reminder for when children are using technology at home.

Please check the Computing tab for useful websites to use with your child and to help with online safety. A Net Aware website link has been added which evaluates and reviews different apps and games and gives both children’s and adult’s responses to these.

thumbnail of Safer Internet Day 2017 – Assembly Presentation for 5-7 year olds