Book Week – Spring 2019

The children had the opportunity to take part in a Federation wide Book Week. The theme for the week was ‘Awesome Authors and Performing Poets’.

The children were able to take part in some very exciting activities and lessons based around a variety of fiction books and poems.

The children were able to take part in shared story sessions, where older children read with the younger children between both schools. The children at the Infant School really enjoyed having the older children share these books with them.

In year 1 and 2 the children and parents/carers shared ‘Lost and Found’ by Oliver Jeffers. They were able to make predictions from the text and then made their very own penguin from the book.

The Junior school shared the book Tuesday by David Weisner. Every class looked at the book, talk about the book by answering questions on it and made frogs.

The children of both schools were able to attend the Federation annual Bedtime stories event. The children and their families came back to school in their pyjamas and with blankets and teddies to share stories, relax and listen to school staff reading and performing some of their favourite texts.

In Year 2 the children had written their own stories and made them into their own books during Book Week. The children absolutely loved this and really understood the pride of writing their very own book! One child, Logan, loved his character so much that he dressed up as ‘Mini Joe’ for the dressing up competition at the end of the week!

At the end of the week, the children took part in a Poetry Slam! Each class at the Infant School were able to share the poem they had written as a class to the whole school. All classes from Nursery to Year 2 were involved and it was a wonderful celebration of poetry.

  • Nursery children performed a dinosaur poem
  • Reception children shared their shape poems about animals,
  • Year 1 shared their alphabet poems about the winter weather
  • Year 2 children shared their alliteration poems.
  • Year three did Haikus
  • Year four Tanka’s
  • Year 5 ballads
  • Year 6 sonnets

Some of the class poems from the Junior school have been shared below!

To finish the amazing Book Week we had this year the children took part in a dressing up day based on their favourite character. Prizes were given out in assembly for our performing poetry competition and best costume of their favourite character. Even the staff had fun too!

–      ‘It is wonderful to have these opportunities in the school year to inspire children to have a love of reading and encourage children to realise that they can aspire to become authors, poets or illustrators for their future careers!’  – Kelsey Thompson and Anne Williams – Literacy and English leads.

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