Federation Maths Day June 2019


It was our Toftwood federation maths day today and we were learning about time. We talked about clocks, watches and timers and discussed why we need to know the time; to be at school on time, to attend appointments and to know when it is lunchtime or bedtime. We watched the clock on the screen and counted 60 seconds, we then challenged ourselves to see how many star jumps we could do in 60 seconds. Inside, the children shared some stories all about different times of the day or days of the week. Outside, the children used the 3 minute timer to wait for a turn on a bike and some of the children used the iPad timer to see how many times they could bounce, kick or catch a ball in one minute.


In Reception we explored time through looking at watches and clocks. We thought about how to tell the time, remembering that ‘o’clock, is at the top!’ and how watches help us. We studied a clock face and made our own watches. We also had great fun designing our Maths characters and used apparatus and equipment to help us.

Year 1

Firstly, the Year 1 children enjoyed completing the tasks set and led by the Year 3 classes. They timed each other to see how many they could do of a certain activity or how long it took them. It was lovely to see the different classes working together!

After this session, the Year 1 children designed their own Maths Characters for a competition. We discussed the different areas of maths and all the different equipment we use to help us in maths and how we could incorporate these in our designs. They were all fantastic!

After lunch we had an assembly and we discussed how we use maths in everyday life and the different jobs that require maths skills. We also looked for maths in the hall! We celebrated the winners of the Design a Maths Character competition too.

Finally, we finished the day with some active maths! We completed a Telling the Time treasure hunt in school and enjoyed trying to find all the clocks and matching them to the correct times.

Year 2

The children in year 2 really enjoyed working with the year 4 children. They timed each other to see how many bounces they could complete in a time limit. The children were excited to beat their highest score and compare scores with each other.

The children then designed their own maths character as part of the federation Maths challenge. We had some great ideas and some of them even used maths resources to help them create their final character.

Year 3

To kick start the day, the Year 3 children took on the role of teachers for Year 1. They prepared some active activities and demonstrated to Year 1 how to time themselves using stopwatches and timers. Once they were finished, they compared durations to find out who had been the fastest at each task and who had completed the most in the time given. Year 3 were fabulous teachers and Year 1 were excellent learners!

Next, Year 3 connected their recent work on angles to different contexts, including time. We investigated the angles we could find in a clock and in shape (ask your children what acute, obtuse and right angles are!).

After lunch, we participated in a competition to design a maths character for school. The children had some very original ideas.

Finally, the children had an active maths session which required them to practise and apply their times table knowledge.

Year 4

Starting the day, Year 4 had a fantastic time working with the children in Year 2 on an active Maths session based on time. Putting their teaching skills to the test, Year 4 pupils modelled the activity of bouncing and catching a tennis ball successfully in 30 seconds. In demonstrating their active listening skills, the younger children were then timed performing the task whilst the older pupils kept a tally of their results.  In order for them to improve their score and achieve a personal best, the children repeated this activity three times. Collating the results of the year group into a bar chart was a challenging task due to the sudden appearance of torrential rain. Not to be defeated, the children relocated in the Junior school halls to continue with their fun.

After break, the children investigated some rather strange looking clocks, which had mysteriously lost their minute or hour hands. Working with their learning partners, they had to answer a range of questions on these applying their problem solving skills. Meeting as a whole year group after lunch, we competed against one another to see which class could make a human clock in the shortest time possible. The children all really enjoyed participating in the exciting activities that took place on the day.


Year 5

Year 5 started Maths Day with some help from year 7 students from Neatherd High School. The older children had planned a problem solving activity with time which the year 5s really enjoyed. It was lovely to see the children from different schools working together.

Next was active maths. As it was raining, the children worked in the two halls and along the Year 5 corridor to race to solve the time treasure hunt. The mathematical language that was being used throughout this activity was very impressive.

During the afternoon, the children had an opportunity to be creative to come up with their own maths character. They also worked closely with their teacher to solve time problems and enjoyed using the time games on Purple Mash.


Year 6

Year 6 started the day with active maths where we used map skills and clue cards to identify different time zones and countries. After break, Neatherd High School students came to help us to solve problems involving timetables. We enjoyed working together as a team with the support of Year 7’s. In the afternoon we designed a maths character that will be entered into a competition. The winning characters will be our federation maths working wall mascots! We finished the day by completing an investigation on the position of clock hands using different shapes to create patterns.