Key Stage 1 and EYFS Sports Fortnight


The children enjoyed a very hot and active session with professional Zumba teacher Becks Forrester. The children danced routines to some of their favourite songs.

Team Day

The whole school were involved in team day. The children were spilt into 20 teams and worked round a circuit of 20 activities which included bouncing on bouncy hoppers, throwing and catching, balancing, shooting footballs, rolling and climbing. We were fortunate enough to be supported by Mr Llewelyn and some Sports Leaders from Northgate High School. Everyone had a great time.

The winners


The winners



Danny from TKF came in to give all the children a taster session in Karate.


We had great fun at race day. All the children took part in 2 different races. We also had races for adults and younger children.


All year groups had a go at playing frisbee. Ultimate frisbee is an up and coming sport which is played between two teams. The children had a go at practising throwing the frisbees and seeing how far they could go. Then they had a turn at throwing them to a partner.



The children really enjoyed leanring some cheerleading basic with Miss Coombes. They did a warm up then learnt how do do some of the jumps. Next they learnt some stunting working as groups of four.  Finally some groups were able to put their stunts together to form a pyramid formation.

Tag Rugby

The children were able to have an introduction to rugby with Mr Mann from the Sports Partnership. The children learnt two different ways to throw the ball, how to run with the ball holding it with two hands and having a go at two different sorts of kick.