Summer 2 2019 – Family Enrichment Week, The Arts

The children had the great opportunity to find out all about the arts during our Family Enrichment Week this year. The week included drama, music, art, dance and play writing activities and gave children the chance to immerse themselves in the arts for the week. Each year group had the opportunity to learn about a significant person or group from the arts and share this in an assembly the next day in front of the rest of the school. Reception children learnt about artist Jackson Pollock; Year 1 and Year 4 found out about the musicians ‘The Beatles’; Year 3 looked at artist Acrimboldo; Year 5 focused on the artist Van Gogh and Year 2 and Year 6 learnt all about playwright William Shakespeare and did some acting.

We also thought about being inspired by nature and learnt about the artist Andy Goldworthy. Children were able to have a go at some nature-inspired art and share this with our families by making a clay tile together. Thank you to all that joined us.

Another activity involved the children combining music and art together to paint musical instruments and create large scale images of art in their classes. Children also got to hear musical instruments being played live in an assembly and find out about the different kinds of musical instruments there are. Everyone really enjoyed listening to different styles of music and thinking about how it made us feel.

To end the week we held a Federation Arts Show and children were able to share their talents with the whole school community. The children loved to see the arts live in action and staff in school were very impressed with those who got up to perform for everyone!

Thank you again to the grown-ups who were able to join our open sessions and activities during the week – the children loved every second and it was great to bring everyone together to celebrate and experience the arts.