Summer 2 – Year 2 Toftwood Tate 2019

This year, the Year 2 children have been working really hard on lots of different pieces of art work from around the world to share at our art exhibition ‘Toftwood Tate.’

The exhibition included Pop Art in the style of Andy Warhol, paintings inspired by Claude Monet, African clay hands, printed fabric bags, pointillism and Egyptian paper featuring hieroglyphics.

We had lots of visitors, including our parents, grandparents and siblings of the children involved, children from our school, and year 3 children from Toftwood Junior School. We were also joined by members of the community.

Many visitors commented in a guest book when they left. One parent said, “The artwork was lovely and to such a high standard, I was very impressed!” Another commented, “Amazing pieces of artwork. Lots of budding artists and lots of hard work by everyone.”

Mrs Brown, a TA in reception wrote, “Best art exhibition ever! I loved the glitter hands and dot art circles.”