Sign2Sing 2020

Children from the Federation came together for a second year running, to join in with national Sign2Sing day. Over the last few weeks children have been learning the words and signs for a specially written song (‘Get Up and Sign!’), and on Thursday 6th Feb the whole federation filled the halls to perform.

The event, which was organised at Toftwood by Reception Teacher and KS1 Music coordinator, Hannah Tataryn, is to raise awareness of deaf health and promote sign language. It is the only mass participation signing event in the UK with thousands of children in schools across the country taking part.

There are several children at our school who are deaf or have hearing impairment and many others who have deaf friends or relatives. This was an amazing opportunity to celebrate the beauty of sign language and the importance of being able to communicate with everyone in our community to learn about one another.

(SignHealth was founded in 1986 as the Anastasia Trust, and relaunched as Sign in 1991. In 2005, the charity was renamed SignHealth, and offers a range of services, projects and support to improve the health and wellbeing of Deaf people.)