Red Nose Day 2021

To celebrate ‘Red Nose Day’ this year the children across the Federation enjoyed taking part in a range of activities and represented their personality or how they felt by wearing an array of bright colours.

During the day they also reflected on what super power they may have that they could put to good use and make someone else happier. We have seen extra positivity, kindness and thoughtfulness which has resulted in much happiness on this bright and sunny day.

The children in the infant classes created masks and profiles to complete their new superhero identities!

“I am called Rainbow Girl. I help people when they feel sad and I make them feel happy again” – Year 1

“My superpower is making people smile” – Year 1

“My superpower is asking mummy if I can pick up litter” – Year 1

Altogether, we have managed to raise a massive £577.70 for Comic Relief! Well done everyone.