Sport Enrichment Week @ TIS 2024

From the 1st July -5th July 2024, the children at Toftwood Infant School took part in a week of sporting activities. All children from Reception to Year 2 took part in a stunt cheer session with Miss Coombes, a dance pom session with Miss Goddard and experienced a Karate taster session with ESKA. With their class teachers, they used Tri Golf equipment to have a beginner’s session of hitting a golf ball. They also used the parachute and had the opportunity to use the athletics equipment like hurdles and javelin. Year 1 enjoyed playing kick rounders, whilst year 2 loved playing diamond cricket!

On Thursday 4th July the children took part in team day, being able to bring together man of the skills that they had learned throughout the week.

The children also enjoyed learning about various sporting events that were happening at the time like the Euro Championships, Wimbledon and the Olympics and Paralympics that will take place in the summer.

Years 1 and 2 also created their own sporting artwork, each picking a sporting pose to create a silhouette and they then collaged around the outside!

It was a fantastic week enjoyed by the children and staff alike. Some children flourished being able to show off their sporting talent, others pushed themselves out of their comfort zone and many tried things for the first time!

“I think it was really fun because I got to try something new” Bradley said about Dance Pom.

“I liked doing Tri-Golf because golf is one of my favourite things to do on a summers day!” Said Albie.