The Big Shakespeare Book Hunt

From Monday 12th March there will be a “Wild Book” on the loose in the school grounds and neighbourhood!  This is because this particular week is Shakespeare Week!  This initiative is part of the nationwide Big Shakespeare Book Hunt which is organised by The Shakespeare Birthplace Trust charity at Stratford Upon Avon.  You can find more details on

As part of our Book Explorers’ Club at the Infant School we read the book and “set it free” in a waterproof bag with instructions enclosed.  The book is a version of A Midsummer Night’s Dream, retold by Marcia Williams.  The idea is that someone will find it, read it, and release it again in a new public place for someone else to find.  It could possibly be left in a park, playground, bus shelter, supermarket, leisure centre or museum anywhere.  It will be great to see how far the book can travel, and if it will be found in unusual places.  You can follow its progress on Twitter @Shakespeareweek    #Shpassiton

So if you or the children see a “Wild Book” in a plastic wallet, shhhh………pass it on!

Wally Webb came to visit the school on Monday to interview staff live on the Radio Norfolk breakfast show about the Big Shakespeare Book Hunt.

Children in our book explorers club found out about William Shakespeare.  They looked at a copy of The Complete Works of Shakespeare and were intrigued by the very small writing!  They also found out about Shakespeare’s life in Stratford Upon Avon and London using the CBeebies website, and they went on a virtual tour of the Globe Theatre!   They had great fun using quills to write in a Shakespearean manner.