Toftwood Infant and Junior Federation Family Picnic 2018

The second federation family picnic was held on 2nd July 2018, following on from the Infant School Race Day which was held in the morning.

Parents and carers and other family and friends were invited to join their children for a family picnic on the field, giving families time to spend with their children, chatting and relaxing in the sunshine, away from the distractions of everyday life, including electronic devices!

All 650 children were involved, with some bringing a picnic lunch and others buying one from the school kitchens.

All children, except 20, had visitors join them for the event, which was an impressive turn out. For those children who were unable to have a visitor or two, the staff joined them so no one was left out.

The sun shone brightly for us all, and the fields of both schools were awash with deckchairs, picnic blankets and the odd parasol to keep out of the sun.

We think we had possibly around 1300 people enjoying the picnic on the day, basing the turnout on an average of 2 visitors per child, although all children could have up to 4 visitors and many did! We had grandads, grandmothers, aunts, uncles, younger siblings, neighbours and friends, all eating together to enjoy the community atmosphere and the sunshine. One young visitor was there all the way from America! The picnics were impressive, with whole cakes, large plates of sandwiches and a whole range of goodies seen.

One grandparent said “Thank you so much for inviting us, it has been fabulous, we have had such a lovely time.” A parent said “There was an excellent atmosphere and it was thoroughly enjoyed by everyone I could see.”

We are already planning ahead to our next picnic next summer and looking at ways to make it bigger and better! Thank you to everyone who came along, it was lovely to see so many families enjoying each other’s company and the sunshine too.

The Infant School also had their open afternoon following the picnic, giving further opportunities for parents an carers to join their children and celebrate their learning.