Autumn 2 Year 5 – RE and British Values

Year 5 have been reflecting on British Values in their lessons, realising their relevance across different continents and at different points in history.

In Re the children have been considering the people of the Old Testament and their prophecy of a Messiah. When examining extracts of the Old Testament, Ben commented that “they wanted strict rules and laws”. Paloma added, “the people of Israel were wishing for a saviour to stop all the attacking.” (Isiah 9 6-7: power and peace will be his kingdom.) We then reflected on what a society would be like if it did not share our British values. We were interested to realise that people in the past, wished for such values, whereas perhaps we take them for granted.

We also found an extract in the Old testament that made reference to equality, where the people of Israel were wanting a Messiah who would treat the poor fairly. (Isiah 11 1-5 He will judge the poor honestly.)

Previously in RE we had been looking at the impact of Nelson Mandela and reflected on what life would be like in the midst of apartheid. Ben said that, “there was no equality in apartheid”.