Year 5 Maths Competition April 2019

On the 1st of April, eight children from yr5 took part in a fun-filled, mathematical activity day at Northgate High School. They were split into two teams and had to compete against four other schools.

In the morning, the children used their detective skills to solve clues to identify mystery numbers. Based on whether the numbers were prime, square or a factor, they also organised numbers on a grid. Next, they scanned QR codes which gave them questions to answer and Toftwood B came 2nd and Toftwood A came 3rd.  Before lunch, they played ‘a very strange game’ and had to stand up if the number was odd, fold their arms if it was a multiple of 4, hum if was square and put their hands up if it was a prime number.

After lunch, they applied Maths to a real-life situation about how to care for a guinea pigs. They then went out to the E.L.F (External Learning Facility) and collected Easter eggs with maths questions inside. There was an exciting dash to compete as many questions in the time frame allowed and Toftwood B came a very close 2nd on 13 points. The children loved meeting the farm animals, improving their communication and teamwork skills and developing their enjoyments of Mathematics.

Bradley- “I’ve learnt to be more resilient.”

Alex- “It’s been a good challenge.”

Matilda- “today has been really enjoyable and fun.”