Reception December 2019 – A Special Letter

The children in Reception have been really busy in their first term at school, learning all of their single sounds, some digraphs and even a couple of tricky words.

They have been working really hard to apply all this new knowledge and have all written a letter to Father Christmas! They practised hearing initial sounds and sounding out words as well as their letter formation. The children have thought carefully about how we ask nicely for something and discussed with each other what they would like for Christmas.

Once the letters were finished, the children helped to stick a stamp on and seal the envelope. The letters were ready for posting so the children all went for a morning walk to the nearest post box to post them.

On returning to school the children learnt about the journey of a letter and they saw how the letters are sorted and get ready for delivery.

They have now got to wait patiently to see if they a reply from Father Christmas!