Spring 1 in Reception 2024

C:\Users\i.coombes\Downloads\OGR.jpg This half term our topic has been ‘Fantasy’.  We enjoyed starting the topic with a dressing up day where we all came to school dressed as our favourite character!

C:\Users\i.coombes\Downloads\ICR.jpg C:\Users\i.coombes\Downloads\GSR.jpg

C:\Users\i.coombes\Downloads\fairy door.jpg During the first week, we had a fairy come and visit our classrooms! The fairy left a letter by their fairy door and told us her name was Pip and that he had come to visit our school to find out more about what ‘school’ is and what we do. The children used their phonics knowledge to write and leave messages and notes by Pip’s door and as a class we replied back to his letter.


We have read lots of stories this half term and one we particularly enjoyed was ‘Room on the Broom’ by Julia Donaldson. We took part in many witch themed activities; creating potions and making up spells! We made a story map, practised retelling the story using puppets and even had a go at acting the story out, seeing if we could remember any of the lines.

C:\Users\i.coombes\Downloads\m_o_288687_kbc47rzqmtb449arjc0366b8qbaxmxvn.jpg C:\Users\i.coombes\Downloads\m_o_288607_e9991k6v4tya9j2w4a6jybpvtsapy8fc.jpg


C:\Users\i.coombes\Downloads\m_o_289015_7xgqzsmxgjypkj3btnd14fzsx3370fkp.jpg C:\Users\i.coombes\Downloads\m_o_289014_9cbadfsmqkspr4xmt6akb5sba5e1zxw2.jpg We had a week learning all about superheroes! We were surprised to find the superhero, Supertato, in our classroom and he had been captured by the evil pea! We made ourselves into Superheroes, listened to lots of superhero stories and wrote veggie speech bubbles. We also worked on our drawing skills and had to do really good listening to learn how to draw Supertato!


C:\Users\i.coombes\Downloads\m_o_289762_2v0wch8m8cmxfptb06sqnqktx3pg7yjx.jpg C:\Users\i.coombes\Downloads\m_o_289756_vzn2fmsrpcqvfrvdn8csb43dd9jyc7xr.jpg We had another visitor, this time it was an alien! We received a letter from ‘Oob’ and it was covered in green slime. He asked us to write him a letter so he could find out about school on earth. We also created some alien pictures by using different shaped pieces of paper. We also learnt about the scientist Dr Maggie Aderin-Pocock and found out some facts about space.