Year 1 Summer 1 2021

The children have demonstrated an excellent attitude to learning this half term. In English they created some fantastic non-chronological reports about London. They researched to find facts about Buckingham Palace and the underground before putting their ideas into clear detailed sentences. In Maths the children challenged themselves by learning how to tell the time to half past the hour, how to solve fractions using the pizza method (in preparation for year 2) and to identify and name the 3D shapes. We also took time to revisit skills from the rest of the year, as we know how important retrieval is.

This half term we concluded our topic ‘Our Planet and Beyond’. We thought about all the facts we had learnt over the two half terms. Many of the children said this was their favourite topic this year! They particularly enjoyed learning about the astronauts and animals that had travelled to space over the years. The children said they liked naming the different continents and learning more about planet Earth.

In Science, we had so much fun learning about different plants and trees. The children explored the school grounds making observations and naming common plants. The children sketched the plants they observed and learnt to label the different parts of plants. We learnt about what plants need to grow and experimented with planting different seeds. The children cared for them over time and observed how they grew differently.