Year One Holkham Hall 2023

On 9th June 2023, the children in Year One were lucky enough to visit Holkham Hall. We started the day with a long bus journey and were very impressed with how well the children were behaving. When we arrived, the children took part in two activities. They were given a tour of the hall and were amazed with all of the sculptures, carpets and ceilings.

They then got to find out about toys from the olden days. They played with ‘pick up’ sticks, marbles, yoyos and tiddlywinks as well as many other toys. The children even got to make their own Victorian toy; a thaumatrope! They drew two pictures on two circles and then stuck them to either side of a straw so that when they spun the straw, the images would blend together to create one image. They loved learning about this optical illusion. The children then said goodbye to Holkham Hall and reflected on their favourite parts of the day during the bus ride home. ‘I loved every part of the day’ said Demi.