Year One Holkham Hall 2024

On 7th June 2024, the children in Year One were lucky enough to visit Holkham Hall. We started the day with a long bus journey and were very impressed with how well the children were behaving. When we arrived, the children took part in three different activities.

They were given a tour of the hall and were amazed with all of the sculptures, carpets and ceilings. They identified different shapes in the ceiling decorations, looked at the opposites represented in the artwork and learnt about the room where Queen Victoria had slept while visiting.

Next the children learnt about the different jobs roles people had at Holkham Hall in the past including; butler, gamekeeper and laundry maid. They dressed up in different outfits to role play as each job. The children enjoyed using different props to immerse themselves in the role! Beau in TC1 said “my favourite part of the day was cleaning the silver in the butler’s white gloves!” Emily in CM1 said “I want to be a chef and then I can go to Paris” (Holkham Hall’s chef of the past was from Paris!)

The final activity involved finding out about toys from the olden days. They played with ‘pick up’ sticks, marbles, yoyos and tiddlywinks as well as many other toys. The children even got to make their own Victorian toy; a thaumatrope! They drew two pictures on two circles and then stuck them to either side of a straw so that when they spun the straw, the images would blend together to create one image. They loved learning about this optical illusion. The children then said goodbye to Holkham Hall and reflected on their favourite parts of the day during the bus ride home. “My favourite part of the day was playing with the different toys, I rode a hobby horse” (Ruby-Lily KD1).