Summer 2 – Visit to Pensthorpe Natural Park

As part of our topic learning about Habitats, the year group went on a trip to Pensthorpe.

We learnt about the different habitats that can be found in the park and went on a discovery walk to identify these and the creatures that may like to live there.

We then played a habitats game to match animals and plants to the correct habitat and order these in a food chain.

P:\Photos for Evidence\Educational visits\Year 2 Pensthorpe 2022\DC2\IMG_7993.JPG

We saw different types of ducks and geese and visited the cranes and flamingos. Some of us were even lucky enough to see a swallow feeding her babies in the nest!

The children went pond dipping too! The children used keys to identify the different minibeasts and pond creatures and were fascinated about how many different insects live in a pond! They found many exciting creatures including pond snails and pond skaters!

As always, we were so proud of all of the children who were superbly behaved during this visit.