Summer 2 – Year 2 – Toftwood Tate 2024

On Wednesday 26th June, the Year 2 children were able to share their amazing art work with children from Reception, Year 1 and Year 3, as part of ‘Toftwood Tate.’

Throughout Year 2, the children have produced art work inspired by artists including Van Gogh, Monet and Kandinsky as part of their Art learning.

In the afternoon, the children were able to share their art with family members, and it was lovely to welcome parents and other adults into our school again. They were able to share a blueberry muffin that they had made in school with their adults too.

The children were so proud to share their art work with so many people, and we are very proud of them too!

P:\Photos for Evidence\Toftwood Tate\23-24\EB2\IMG_1154.JPG
P:\Photos for Evidence\Toftwood Tate\23-24\RP2\IMG_6328.JPG
P:\Photos for Evidence\Toftwood Tate\23-24\RP2\IMG_6344.JPG