Year 2 Medieval Day!

On Friday 8th October 2021, Year 2 went back in time and enjoyed their own Medieval Day! The children came to school in medieval costumes, including Lords, Ladies, knights and maids. We were so impressed with the efforts the children and parents made.

As part of our Medieval Day we were lucky enough to be able to invite Janet Marshall into school to share an Edith Cavell workshop with each class. Janet introduced herself as Edith Cavell, telling the children about her life as a nurse and what she did during the war. Rachel said “My nanny is a nurse but she doesn’t wear dresses from the past.”

The children also made their own medieval gingerbread shields. They used their prior learning in English about following instructions, using time adverbials and imperative verbs to stir, mix and sieve different ingredients to make their biscuits. We were delighted that so many children tried their biscuits and Freya said “I liked it because it was really gingery,” and Bentley said “It was yummy and smelt really nice.”

As well as this, the children also did their own version of jousting and jestering by using bouncy hoppers, javelins and stilts. The children loved shouting ‘Hazaar!’ during the battles!