Spring 1 – Year 2

This half term the children have explored the topic of ‘Air, Land and Sea’. They have thought about different materials in Science and about explorers such as Admiral Nelson in History.

In Art the children have created their own ‘Water Lillies’ painting in the style of Claude Monet.

P:\Photos for Evidence\Art\23-24\Year 2\Pond paintings\RP2\IMG_5418.JPG
P:\Photos for Evidence\Art\23-24\Year 2\Pond paintings\RP2\IMG_5421.JPG

This half term in English the children have become travel agents, and have had a go at creating their own travel brochures, filled with information all about Hawaii! The children enjoyed researching all about Hawaii; using tablets, listening to people who have visited Hawaii, and virtually meeting Mrs Morton’s mum Mrs Clarke (who is a real travel agent!).

After the children had written their brochures, some decided that they wanted to send some thank you notes to Mrs Clarke for all of her helpful tips on travel brochure writing!

In Computing the children have explored using tablets and have enjoyed diversifying their digital technology usage!

P:\Photos for Evidence\Computing\23-24\Year 2\Spring 1\Laptops\KR2\IMG_2413.JPG
P:\Photos for Evidence\Computing\23-24\Year 2\Spring 1\Laptops\RP2\IMG_5440.JPG