Christmas has come to the Year 3’s!

During RE, the children have focused on the key skills of:

  • Can they reflect on and begin to analyse what it means to belong to a faith community, communicating their own and others’ responses?
  • Can they describe the key aspects of religions and worldviews, especially the people, stories, traditions and customs that influence their beliefs and values?

With these key skills in mind and Advent in process, the children celebrated Christmas with a party! The children played various party games for example, musical statues and the ‘over and under’ game. The children were able to show an awareness of their opponents and team mates during these games, they showed good awareness of space and the actions of others and recognise good performances in themselves and others and use what they have learned improve their own work. All of these are key PE skills they have learnt throughout PE this half term.

Children will be looking at how people from other countries celebrate Christmas and comparing it to other English traditions.