Mary Anning Visitor – 5.3.24

On Tuesday 5th March, Year 3 were once again visited by frequent Toftwood visitor, Janet Marshall! This time, Janet (from the ‘Journeys for Learning’ organisation) visited to talk to the children as part of our current Science unit about Mary Anning and her fossil discoveries.

Each class had a session with Janet – dressed as Mary Anning herself! – to unpick who Mary Anning was, and what her achievements were. Their learning covered many important aspects such as Mary’s childhood, the fossilised skeletons and bones that she found, and even the tongue twister she inspired! Please do ask your children to teach you it.

The children enjoyed excavating fossils like Mary Anning did, which not only involved them digging for fossils – but also brushing them off and matching them to the photos provided! They learned much about how Mary Anning was not recognised properly for her achievements in that period of time, and how different life would be for her if she had existed today. It was a very exciting visit, but still the children remained calm and respectful, and listened beautifully. Great work, Year 3!