Science Week

As part of British Science Week, Year 3 had a visit from some of the meteorology team from RAF Marham. We learned about how the meteorologists take measurements of the weather and how they use supercomputers to predict what the weather is going to be over the next few days. There is a lot of maths and a lot of scientific recording involved! We then learned why it so important for the British Armed Forces to have accurate weather forecasts and how they help keep people safe and doing their jobs effectively.

During Science Week 3, Year 3 explored the science of making toothpaste! We agreed that a good toothpaste should kill bacteria, have a nice scent and stay on the toothbrush! We carefully mixed ingredients to make our toothpaste. We then needed to think scientifically to plan a fair test to compare our own toothpaste to branded toothpastes. Finally we collected the results in a tally chart and presented the results in a series of bar graphs.