Spring 2, Year 3 R.E. Visitors

Today, we have had the opportunity to learn more about the Jewish religion when Marsha and Todd came to visit us.

In the morning, each class had a session where they explored objects from the Jewish faith. These included a tallit (the Jewish prayer shawl), the mezuzah (a parchment inscribed with religious texts and attached in a case to the doorposts of a Jewish house as a sign of faith), the yad (a pointer used to follow Hebrew on the Torah scrolls).

Marsha and Todd explained the different types of Jewish people, from the traditional orthodox to the progressive modern Jew. We found it really interesting to learn about.

In the afternoon, we were shown a Jewish service from a synagogue in Park Avenue, New York, USA. The children were fascinated to see two boys undergo their Bar Mitzvah and to learn that once a child is presented with their tallit (prayer shawl) the parents are no longer responsible for their actions – they are!

We noticed that as one of the Torah scrolls were carried around the synagogue, the congregation touched the scroll with their tzitzit (the tallit’s tassels) or their prayer book and then kissed these objects. Marsha and Todd explained to us that this was indicative of putting the word of God in their mouth.

Did you know . . .

Hallelujah is actually a Hebrew word that means praise to God.

Bat Mitzvah is the name given to the initiation ceremony of a 12 year old girl.

Bar Mitzvah is the name given to the initiation ceremony of a 13 year old boy.