World Book Day in Year 3, Spring 2, 2023

This year, we asked the children to dress up as a character from their favourite story book and to bring their book in.

We enjoyed the assembly where we listened to Mrs Hughes introduce World Book Day and saw all the teachers dressed up in their world book day costumes which was very funny. All the teachers had chosen very different costumes!

In class, we used one of our reading techniques to ‘skim’ the text for interesting words as we were making our very own vocabulary dozen for our books. We loved ‘skimming’ as it is a new technique we have been taught and we thought it was lots of fun.

We were creating a story hat and were putting the vocab on bands across our heads. Once we had chosen our 12 words, we drew the main characters from our books and placed these on our hats.
Some of us, then chose four words from the vocab dozen to intersperse between our characters.

We had a great time. We really enjoyed bringing our books to life and sharing them with our friends.