Year 3 Summer 1 2021


This half term in year 3, we studied Stone Age themed books in Guided reading to support our assessed piece of writing. First, we looked at an informative picture book called, “The Pebble in my pocket” which followed the life cycle of a rock. Then we read, “Stone Age Bone Age” which as another picture book that combined elements of non-fiction writing in a narrative style. Finally, we read, “A Rock is Lively” and admired the beautiful illustrations! We finished off the term by completing some modelled writing on, “Stone Age Boy” before writing our own imaginative recount in the day of a life of a Stone age child. We then completed a film review of “The Croods” and compared the content to our knowledge of what we know about the Stone age and how the media exaggerates things for the audience. 


This half term we investigated fractions of shapes and of amounts and connected this learning to our work on bar models in division. We explored equivalence using fraction cubes and compared/ordered fractions using our fraction walls. We moved onto addition and subtraction of fractions with the same denominator. 


We investigated different types of rocks and fossils, handling the examples that we have in school to categorise them based on their physical features. We learnt how they are formed, how they change over time and how humans use them in everyday life. We also created our own replica fossil whilst learning about the process of fossilisation. We learnt all about Mary Anning and her contribution to palaeontology. 


We started our learning about The Stone Age by mapping the timeline of the era before meeting our virtual visitor who showed us artefacts stored at the Leeds Discovery Centre. We discussed the evidence used that aids our understanding of what happened in this time period and analysed cave paintings before creating our own. Each class used different materials to see the different effects. We also learnt about evidence of settlements by looking at Skara Brae and inferring what kind of lifestyle they had at the settlement. We finished the term by creating our own model round houses with authentic decoration. We also learnt how, later in the stone age, humans used weaving and sewing for clothes and bags. We designed our own “gathering bag” and learned how to do the basic ‘running’ and ‘over’-stitches. We also thoroughly enjoyed our return to the cooking room this half term and baked, and then tested, rock cakes. 


This half term we investigated the beliefs of Islam. We focussed heavily on the five pillars of Islam and the commitment Muslims make to prayer each day and their pilgrimage. 


In computing, the children enjoyed learning how to add data onto a given spreadsheet and then created their own, utilising the count function. 


In PE, Year 3 learnt the basic skills of tennis including forehand, backhand, controlling the racquet and were set the challenge of maintaining a rally.  For our core Real PE, the children worked together on their social skills to create sequences of jumping. The children were also supported to coach their peers and offer positive feedback. 

MFL – Spanish

In Spanish we learnt various different food names, including fruits and vegetables and how to express our preferences. 


In music we have continued to learn how to play Ukuleles, beginning to move between 2 chords, Am and F.