Year 3 Autumn 1 2017 – Egyptians

This half term Year 3 have been learning all about Ancient Egypt. We have written some brilliant adventure stories about our character exploring the tombs in Egypt and decided what problem they would face whilst there. Thankfully, we all thought of some really creative ways to resolve the problem!

As part of our science work this half term we looked at mummifying a tomato.

We looked at the instructions for how to mummify a tomato and spoke about each step. They all made a prediction about what would happen to their tomato once it had been left for a week. Most of us thought that the tomato would go mouldy after a week.

We chopped the top of the tomato and spooned the ‘brains’ out. After that, we washed the inside and outside of the tomato before covering it in natron.

A week later, we uncovered the tomato and discovered that they had gone wrinkly and hard… but not mouldy! This was because the salt, in the natron, had absorbed the water.

We all enjoyed finishing off the half term wearing our Egyptian costumes!