Spring 2 2019 – British Science Week

Year 4 had a great time in British Science Week learning about different types of “Journeys”.

As part of our week, we all had the chance to create a tasty lasagne made from ingredients we could by in shops in Dereham…but where did these foods come from? We carried out our own research and were really surprised to find out how far some of the things we eat might have travelled. For example, Chloe found out that most olive oil comes from Greece (1927 miles to the UK), Autumn was surprised to find that most of the world’s peppers are grown in China (5,551 miles to the UK) and Daisy was amazed to learn that some of our tomatoes travel 2244 miles by sea from Jamaica to reach our shops!

During the week, we also thought about some of the journeys that plastic objects make after we have finished using them. We were all very concerned about the effect that our waste plastic can have on wildlife all around the world. We researched animal species that live in the Mediterranean Sea and created a display to show what this habitat could look like. We all thought we should try to remember to always recycle plastic if we can.

Everyone in Year 4 really enjoyed British Science Week and learned loads!