Hinduism Day – Year 4

Year 4 had a very exciting last day of the half term. During our Hindu day, the children  had some creative fun. One activity was to design their own Mandala. The children drew very detailed decorations and thought carefully about the colours they chose.

The children also had the opportunity to make a collage which incorporated a Mendhi hand print with a diva lamp, which Hindus light to celebrate Diwali. The children created these independently without using any templates. The end result was a lovely variety of colours and shapes.

Throughout the day, each class got to participate in Hindu style dancing with our wonderful visitor. All of the children threw themselves into the activity and were able to be very expressive with their movements. We learnt all about how Hindus tell stories through their dancing and how their movements need to be very exaggerated so it is clear what action they are demonstrating. It was fantastic to see the children so enthusiastic and joyful. One child from BL4 said “It was better than a ‘fun’ day and the best day of Year 4.” Another child said that “I found dancing with the scarves interesting as you could represent water or an animal with them.” A wonderful day all round!