Year 4 Anglo-Saxon Day

What an amazing fact filled, fun fuelled day Year 4 have had exploring Anglo Saxons and how some lived so many years ago!

Year 4 immersed themselves in the daily lives of Anglo Saxons.  We learnt all about runes  – the language system they used to record events.  We decoded a message written with runes, created our own message for partners to decipher and used clay to make our own runes.

We were able to create our own pots using one of the three methods the Anglo-Saxons were known to have used – thumb, pinching or coil.  We then shaped the pots into various styles to try and follow the design we had created based on Anglo Saxon pottery uncovered by archaeologists.

To taste Anglo Saxon cooking, we used an authentic Anglo-Saxon recipe for Honey shortbread and worked in pairs to create this delicious dish.  We were able to use our maths skills: Measure and showed how well we could work as part of a pair in the kitchen.  Loved ones have been able to sample the Anglo-Saxon recipe as we took it home for eating at the end of our busy Anglo-Saxon Day.

After lunch, Year Four were engrossed in the tale of Beowulf and then took part in riddle making a favourite Anglo-Saxon pastime.  We were told riddles from Anglo-Saxon times – which were really difficult!  Then we created our own riddles ready for the riddle competition later on in the afternoon.

Having experienced Anglo-Saxons at work and at play, we then took part in Anglo-Saxon dancing.  It was quite tricky and not like modern dancing.  First, we learnt how to complete the dance sequence really slowly, then we added faster Anglo-Saxon music and had a dance off with each other.  It was brilliant and really tiring – the Anglo-Saxons were very energetic and fit!

Finally, we learnt how to play an Anglo-Saxon board game: Nine Men’s Morris.  It was a little like Tic Tac Toe but more complicated.