Year 4 Author Visit 2022

On Tuesday 1st March, we had a wonderful visit from Julia Edwards. Julia is an author of both children and adult books. Her most recent books are a series of historical fiction centred around a time travelling boy! She had the children enthralled telling them about how she got the idea to start writing her first children’s books and told us some cool facts about the Romans, the Vikings and the Great Fire of London too! The children even got to show off the facts they learnt about the Romans in Autumn term!

Julia then came to each class to give a lesson on how to write direct speech. She discussed why speech was important and how it added depth and personality to our writing. After a recap of how to use inverted commas (or 66 and 99s as the children were referring to them!), the children were then able to demonstrate their skills on an independent worksheet. It was fairly tricky but we were so proud of how well they did with it!

Julia also allowed time for a quick Q&A session with each class. The children made the most of this and had lots of questions for her! We had questions about how long it takes her to write books, where she gets her ideas from and when/why did she start writing. All of the children were inspired by her visit and some children are now thinking about becoming authors themselves one day!