Year 4 Autumn 2 2020


This half term we have been busy working on our cake stands. This combined our Roman mosaics which we made in Autumn 1 and our new DT skills. We used a skill called lamination to make our cake stands strong. The children had some fantastic designs and it was great to see so many cake stands being used to hold cakes at home!


In English we have focused on persuasive writing, the children worked incredibly hard to persuade others to buy their ‘Toftwood Trifle’. The children really enjoyed creating their own slogans and were able to use techniques such as alliteration, similes, metaphors and rhyme to make persuasive and effective adverts.

We also created our own ending to a traditional tale. It was amazing to see all of the children’s innovative ideas. They were able to confidently demonstrate all they had learned and were proud of what they had created, with lots of children wanting to share their own version of the story ‘Lost Happy Endings’.


Our mathematical work had a large focus on multiplication and we have been able to apply our times tables we have been practising. We can now use column method to help us multiply. Our confidence has grown through practising this method and it has shown us how often we use our times tables!


The children have been looking at how we can hear sound and the different parts of the ear. We thoroughly enjoyed trying out the different experiments to discover that sound is made by a series of vibrations. The children’s favourite experiment was using the tuning fork in the water (even if the vibrations from the tuning fork did make the water splash a little).


In music this year the children have been practising a brand new skill – British Sign Language. The children have loved using their hands and arms to sign the famous ‘Mamma Mia’ by ABBA. They picked up the skill quickly and were able to confidently share the new signs they learnt each session. It was a delight to see the enthusiasm with the song, I’m sure it’ll be an experience the children will remember for years to come.

We have had a very busy half term but we have enjoyed all of the new skills we have learnt.