Year 4 meet the Anglo-Saxons

On Thursday, 7th March, Year 4 enjoyed a fascinating day at Norwich Castle, learning all about the Anglo-Saxons.

As they arrived, the children met a metal detectorist who discovered a brooch in Norfolk that reveals the story of Thurweald, an Anglo Saxon King and his people. As part of the day, the children met different Anglo Saxon characters who revealed the story of Thurweald, who had died. The children enjoyed making replica Anglo-Saxon broches, they met a trader and handled some genuine artefacts, sat with a wonderful story teller to act out the legend of Thurweald’s defeat of the monsters in the forest and even learned how the Anglo-Saxons buried their dead.

One of the children said, “I enjoyed the trip because I actually thought I was an Anglo-Saxon. I learnt how the women had their legs bent when they were buried but the men’s legs were straight.”

Another commented, “I learnt about how the Anglo-Saxons traded things, even to India! It was amazing!”