Year 4 Roman Day

On Monday 11th December, the Year 4 children had a visit from Portia the Patrician. She told us all about her life in Roman Britain and showed us artefacts such as Roman pots and clothing. She even showed us a picture of her villa in Venta Icenorum (the Roman name for Caistor)! The children were fascinated to learn about the basic diet that she would have lived off – bread, meat, fish, fruit and nuts to name but a few!

The children were keen to show off what they had already learnt in particular about mosaics, chariots and Roman roads. They also loved learning a bit more about Roman architecture such as aqueducts and temples. They were interested to learn that the names of Roman Gods are still used today for things such as planets! The children also learnt some movements that the Romans might have used to worship their Gods!

The children also had the opportunity to refresh their learning about Boudicca and re-enact some of her battle with the Romans! They showed their best scary Celt faces and marched on the Romans! Even the teachers got involved!

In the afternoon, the children played a Roman gladiator game where they had to earn points to win their freedom! They also had a go at making some paper versions of gladiators and chariots. We finished off the day with some Roman Numeral code cracking and some Roman themed colouring! We were so impressed with the effort the children had put into their costumes and were very proud of how well they behaved throughout the day.