Year 4 Spring 2 2023

In English this half term, we have been using the short, animated film The Dragon Slayer to explore the topic of myths and legends. The children have loved using scenes from the film to add dialogue and create setting descriptions. They have also been focusing on developing their vocabulary and choosing the most effective words for their writing. The children seem to really enjoy this topic as they can showcase their wonderful imaginations and creative writing skills!

In guided reading lessons, we have been reading Beowulf, which is an Anglo Saxon mythical story. The text contains some archaic language which can be tricky to understand but the children have enjoyed trying to decipher what it means and have even been inspired to use it in their own writing! The story of Beowulf is quite different to anything else we have read in Year 4! A lot of the children have enjoyed the change of pace and have been so engaged with the story and predicting what might happen next.

In maths, we have been exploring fractions. We have recapped the children’s learning from Year 3 including what a fraction is and the difference between unit and non-unit fractions. The children learnt all about improper fractions and mixed numbers and how to convert them into each other. We then looked at how to add and subtract fractions with the same denominator. The children have also enjoyed finding equivalent fractions by using a number line or a fraction wall. This can be a tricky concept but they persevered and have demonstrated great resilience! We are now moving on to decimals and comparing them to fractions. We will be looking at how to write tenths and hundredths as fractions and as decimals.

This half term, we have been working on a very exciting cross-curricular project. The children have been using their geographical knowledge of maps and mountains alongside their scientific knowledge of electrical circuits to create electrical board games! They have put a lot of thought into the bright, eye catching design of their games and we have discussed how important it is for our “wires” (made from foil and masking tape) not to cross over so that the circuits are complete and the games work properly. The children have loved researching different mountains in Europe and then plotting them on their maps. Some of them were surprised to learn about the mountains we have in the United Kingdom!

In RE we have been thinking about the Big Question “Is being happy the greatest purpose in life for Christians?” We had a visit from Janet Marshall to kickstart our new topic. The children enjoyed learning about Ash Wednesday and how it is celebrated around the world. We also talked about different denominations of the Christian faith and looked at different depictions of Jesus and Mary. The children loved dancing to a modern Christian celebration song and learning some actions to go along with it. More recently, we have been looking at what Christians believe they need to be happy and comparing it to what the children believe they need to be happy!

In Spanish, we have been looking at how to say different parts of the body and even how to put our new vocabulary into full sentences. The children loved singing heads, shoulders, knees and toes in Spanish and trying to keep up with the song, as it got faster and faster! We have also looked at masculine and feminine nouns and how you know whether to use la or el in front of them. More recently we have been starting to look at how to say different animals in Spanish.