Year 4 Summer 1 2021

For the basis of English, Geography, Art and Computing, we have focussed on Africa this term.

In English we have been studying the text ‘Journey to Jo-burg’ by Beverley Naidoo. We have used this text to explore Apartheid and Africa whilst also consolidating Year Four skills and techniques. We have created an informal letter, a diary entry and a persuasive letter which we wrote to President F W de Klerk (the last South African leader preside over an Apartheid country) to persuade him to abolish apartheid.

With our Maths units, we have covered Decimals, Money, Time and Statistics. We have worked incredibly hard on these areas and continue to revisit them in our daily Maths warm up. We are also focussing on the four operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division) in our daily Mini maths sessions in the afternoons.

In Geography this term, we have gained an understanding of longitude and latitude and have been able to use co-ordinates to find a country and city on a map. We have also been researching an African country, finding out its human and physical features as well as interesting facts and presenting this on a PowerPoint presentation as part of our Computing sessions.

We have had a very busy term in Design and Technology, we have designed, created and evaluated hand puppets, we have learnt sewing techniques and have used a hot glue gun to add features to our puppets. We have also made pasta from scratch and churned cream into butter – which took much longer than we thought!

In PE we have learnt the skills needed to play a hockey match and have focussed on ball skills and dribbling. WE have also been focussing on agility and our reaction and response. We have worked on continuous relays, ball and beanbag skills as well as movement.

With our R.E. lessons we have looked at Hinduism and have been really fortunate to experience Hindi dancing as part of a workshop this term. It was really interesting and really helped bring Hinduism to life.

The topic in Spanish this half term was Family. We began by learning the vocabulary for different family members. We learnt how to say which family members live with us, what our family members are called and how old they are. We developed our skills as language detectives and tried to translate words and phrases containing the new vocabulary we had learnt. We finished the half term with a challenging word search, in which the words to find were in English however the words within the word search were in Spanish!