Year 4 Summer 2 2019 STEM Day

Year 4’s super sweet summer STEM Day 2019

For our summer term STEM Day, year 4 have been thinking about healthy snacks and drinks and, in particular, how much sugar we all eat. The children have practiced lots of maths skills as part of their learning today.

To create a scrumptious, vegetarian flatbread, the children needed to measure accurately to check they had the correct amount of each ingredient and to think about time intervals to make sure their snack was cooked in the correct time. As well as that, they also needed great team-working skills to complete this complex task.

The children were all shocked by how much sugar was in their favourite drinks. They loved designing and making fruity Mocktails, using sparkling water to dilute the very sugary juices. They used bar model to work out the ratio of the juices they used and recorded this carefully. They then chose appropriate measuring cylinders to measure their ingredients. As well as all this, they also thought of ways to advertise their drinks and convince others they should make healthier choices.

They also investigated the secret added sugar in foods – they were surprised that foods like crumpets, bread, quiche and breaded chicken all had added sugar! They also looked at the advised amount of sugar children should eat per day and different words which can be used on food labels which mean sugar. Looking at food packaging and nutritional information taught the children how to make healthier choices even if the packaging is designed to make the products look healthier. The children then took a food category to investigate and compared the sugar levels of different products to help us make healthier food choices.