Year 4 West Stow Trip

This term year 4 went to West Stow Anglo Saxon village.

We were so excited to discover what it was like to be an Anglo Saxon and the children couldn’t wait to put their existing knowledge to the test!

We loved dressing up as an Anglo Saxon and discovering how clothing has changed.

This is a replica of a helmet found in the Sutton Hoo archaeological site.

The children also had the opportunity to explore lots of Anglo Saxon artefacts such as an Anglo Saxon key, knife and board game.

We also had lots of fun exploring the replica houses, hall and workshops which have been built on top of the original archaeological dig site.

Each dwelling was built using similar materials and methods as they would have done in Anglo Saxon times and we could see the progression through the time period as buildings became more complex.

We all had a brilliant day learning and having fun and the children were a credit to Toftwood Federation.