Wellbeing Session – Summer 1 2024 

Elise came to talk to year 5 today about 2 more aspects of well-being: giving and taking notice.

We thought about all the things we could give for free and how that makes other people feel. We listed, time, love, hugs, respect, praise, compliments, support, kindness, hope, friendship and courage. We reflected on how we felt when we had received any of these things.

We also considered how we feel when we give these things and they are not received kindly and how someone may need space to reflect and then reach out for our support later.

We also reflected on how observant we are and the kinds of things we notice around us; we have learnt to take notice of small details, not just the big things. Are our friends feeling or behaving differently today? Why might that be? What could we do to support them?

Our challenge is to put these skills into practice at home and at school and see the positive impact it has on people in our lives.