Year 5 Autumn Term 2

Year 5 have been extending their knowledge of the five British Values; tolerance, free liberty, the rule of law, equality and democracy. We also incorporated activities to participate in Black History month where we studied the life of Harriet Tubman and her underground railway – the way she helped to free slaves in North America. We made quilts with coded messages as she would have done; partly because the slaves could not read and also to remain secretive about their next moves.

This half term, we have really enjoyed finding out about the Vikings. The children used their retrieval skills to recall their understanding of invaders and settlers, in previous years. Our Viking visitor enhanced their understanding and helped to bring their learning to life, with artefacts and replicas which the children could touch.

During DT they learnt about pneumatic systems and made a Viking Longship using a hand drill, craft knife, glue gun and hand saw.

The children gained a lot of confidence in converting fractions to find equivalent fractions, they can convert a mixed number to an improper fraction and back again. They can also add and subtract fractions. They also know how to multiply a 4 digit number by a 2 digit number and have gained confidence in short division.

In English, they read and compared features of poems by Pam Ayers and Benjamin Zephaniah. They also enjoyed watching a film clip as a stimulus for descriptive writing, using techniques as describing the senses, using personification etc to add atmosphere to their writing.

In science they have been finding out about the properties of materials, dissolving, solutions and seeing if they could separate them again.