Year 5 Cooking Summer 2021

Year 5 have enjoyed cooking again, in their DT lessons, after careful risk analysis, due to Covid.

Following their studies of the Mayan culture, in their history, the children researched the ingredients that would be readily available to the Mayan. The children had also studied a book called, “The Corn Grows Ripe” by Dorothy Rhoads, as part of their guided reading. They knew the importance of the corn and the gods in their agriculture. They also learnt how the butternut squash was hollowed out to make a water jug.

The children have learnt about healthy eating and food groups as part of their PSHE studies too. We then compiled a list of likely ingredients for our recipe. The children were regularly washing their hands as they shared utensils. They learnt safe ways to chop different shaped vegetables and how to make a “bridge” shape with their hands, in order to chop safely.

We then thought carefully about the presentation of our soup – one lumpy and one smoothed with a blender. We added sprinkles of chilli, pumpkin seeds, sage and a twist of lime to make it look appealing.