Fiver Challenge

This year, all Year 6 children will be participating in the Fiver Challenge, a national competition for young people aged from 5 – 11 years. This Challenge is free and run by Young Enterprise the UK’s leading enterprise and financial education charity, bringing learning to life and help encourage future aspirations in young people

Pupils are pledged £5 in groups of 5 and have one month to set up a mini business and create a product or service they can then sell or deliver at a profit.

We have thought of business ideas and have created logos:

Week 2

The children have been very busy this week. During the week they have had to price up and source and buy all their materials and products. They have had to prepare and present a one minute sales pitch, which must include a clear product idea, clear outlay and expected profit margins. They have presented their sales pitch to the class and the ‘judges’ decided if their business idea was good enough to lend them the £5 start up fee. All small business teams have worked hard with their ideas and as we move into week 3, there is a strong sense of purposeful activity.

Week 3

This week is the busiest week of the Fiver Challenge, the pupils have to advertise their product and make their product ready to sell.

The various companies, have shown their ideas in assembly on Tuesday to the rest of the school. The main focus this week has been advertising their products around school and making their products. All teams have shown a very busy focussed work group ethic. Teams are really working well together, all teams have a very clear idea of their product and what it should look like. There is an incredible amount of hard work going on. We are now hoping for good weather for our Fete.

Week 4 Final Week

Today we held our Fiver Challenge Fete

The thunder clouds cleared so we were able to hold it on the field. The children were really excited about eventually being able to sell their products. All the teams set up very impressive stalls with banners and balloons. Parents were very supportive, most stalls sold out of their products and all teams made a profit.

The total is still being counted.

The Result

Thank you so much for your support in our Fiver Challenge, all proceeds will go to the Y6 Leavers Party.

The Total Raised towards the Y6 Leavers Party was


The Top three Teams were:

Growth £52.25

CARMS £54.53

LOGIX £54.96

Well Done Everyone for a fantastic effort.