Spring 2 Year 6 Cooking

This half term, as part of our design and technology learning, we cooked a vegetarian cottage pie. We used a variety of skills including: cutting, dicing, peeling, mashing and weighing and measuring accurately. We worked in groups to weigh our ingredients and followed the recipe closely. Once the mixture was prepared, we layered the mashed potatoes on top and sprinkled with cheese. When the cheese was bubbling and golden we knew it was ready! We left the pies to cool and then evaluated our food by taste testing. We really enjoyed them!

M:\2022-2023\Year 6\GG6\Cooking\IMG_2240.JPG M:\2022-2023\Year 6\GG6\Cooking\IMG_2239.JPG M:\2022-2023\Year 6\GG6\Cooking\IMG_2238.JPG